Ur A Liar- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016Ur a liar, you told stories of themes that promised forever
how dare you exploit my love while I was caged, but when it was time for us to fly away you strip me of my feathers
your a liar, you were able to find out things about me, that I kept hidden deep
how dare you lay with me all those nights knowing one day you would be gone once I fell into the deepest sleep
your a liar, I am cold now as I walk these awful streets
how dare you walk pass me, no fuck that how dare you run pass me as if you never used the phrase that haunts me till this day, I love you, for the first time under the sheets, its not just me you left but a dog this damn dog which I never wanted, pilot is her name if you forgot, shit I was 2 bottles of wine from giving her away but I could not bare her crying as I know its her every-time walking through our room when the door creeps, we comfort each other now
I am a liar for believing it all, I am a liar as I told myself you would call
I am a liar and for that I am sorry for those who are still lying to themselves.

I find Myself In You- A Poem By Me


I find myself in you/ sparks fly between our fingers when our hands collide
have you ever just laid with someone and not want to know whats going on outside
For a while I was another host being eaten by materialistic and broken promised consumption
and for a while it was okay to feel numb
But whatever the feeling you give me, it may seem like just a feeling for many, but for me it means the world to feel something.



Release Date : September 18, 2015


You have to be in one those moods to listen to her music. This artist has a core following but she is not for everyone and I am sure she knows that. You as a listener of her music most likely are going through something in your life. There has to be an event one is going through good or bad to fully experience and appreciate the art of Lana Del Rey. Her music is an experience and you can tell that by listening to her lyrics that she experienced something in her life which gives life to her music. This album is a bit softer than her last album in the sense that Rey isn’t angry and full of rage. The built up rage and range of emotions on her last album can only be described to what I like to call Lana Del Rey the new Phoenix. Yes if your thinking of the phoenix from XMEN, that is what I am comparing Lana to. I suppose a better comparison would be to the late great Nina Simone. Lana’s presence and aura demands. Del Rey is built up raw emotion and when that emotion is built up for to long, if stained, will combust. That very combustion is Del Rey, but this album Lana seems to find herself. This album is as if she is almost having a conversation with all her past albums, which forms Honeymoon. Themes on the album are as status quo, but Lana Del Rey delivers and combined with her production she is flawless. I feel that Lana Del Rey is mysterious and that’s what draws people to her and the music. Lana Del Rey’s music is in fact ahead of her era. When I listen to Honeymoon suddenly I am time warped to a 1950-60’s club drinking a scotch on the rocks smoking a cigarette listening to beautiful harmony’s that may or may not make me fall in love, or at least think about someone I lost, and everything in between that is life, speculation, and endless possibilities. Music like Miss Del Rey’s will last forever and that is something you cant say about music artist in this era. With that being said songs to listen to on the album are “Freak”, “Burn Norton (Interlude)”, “Swan Song”, “Blackest Day”, “God Knows I Tried”. You know what just listen to the entire album. Long Live Lana

Bank$- Goddess

BanksGoddessCoverRelease Date: September 5, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10
By now I am sure you heard of Bank$. No I am not talking about the rapper Lloyd Banks, most noted for his music works with 50 Cent and Young Buck together forming G-Unit. I am referring to Jillian Rose Banks, 27, singer and songwriter from Orange County, California. I discovered Banks music one night as I was randomly downloading new music, legally of course, and decided to give her debut album Goddess a try because I liked her album cover. Music content of course makes up a significant part of how an artist gains new fans, but having an eye catching album cover will increase any skeptic music lovers chance of giving that artist a listen. Okay. So let me dive into Goddess. Goddess from beginning to end is a beautifully post modern feminist written album that captures raw emotion of a women scared but more so driven by the fact that she is finding herself spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is near impossible to categorize Banks music into any genre or style. Many blogs and album review sites compared her to the late Aaliyah and I couldn’t help but to notice similarities in both there vocals: how their voices seem to fade out on a tracks but quickly pick up with tremendous authority with the help of a strong production. If I could simply categorize Banks music I would say dark R&B which can be said to be somewhat of a newer style of music. Dark R&B uses heavy melancholic synthesizers, and grand-slam bass that would put your favorite batter to shame. More recently this dark R&B style is being used as an artist named FKA Twigs is gaining popularity with this new sound. I feel this one hell of an album for Banks, especially it being her first album. I do feel the album falls short because all of the tracks feel somewhat the same. I am sure with a standout single, possibly a more upbeat track or two would give her next album a bit a variety. With that being said, songs to listen to are “Goddess”, “Brain”, and “Fuck Em Only We Know”.