Never Want A Divorce- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I am young, I am young, but Ive seen the looks
Ive heard the stories, the tears, the desperation, the I want to make this work
Where did the sparks go? Like the day we met god dammit,
Goddamn they were set, too many stories in fact that once started out good, but somewhere in the middle it turned bad real bad

How did it get to that point, they prayed, children they raised, the wedding, the honeymoon, the commitment, and the plans they made, its sad real sad

If you thought they couldn’t talk then, if walls could converse when their around there would be nothing but silence
I guess their love can be now summed up to fancy people dressed up making decisions on who gets what and who goes where,
the situation is bad real bad

You know what its sad, its real sad..I never want a divorce.


What Took Me So Long- A Poem By Me


What took me so long, what took me so long to realize you are the therapy for my soul

I tell anyone who wants to find love you first have to stop tearing yourself into pieces and then you can become someones whole

What took me so long, I guess it was the fights, I suppose it was the lonely nights, to realize being without is not alright

What took me so long, where would I be now, if those words “I am done” were real, I say this to anybody who thinks losing someone they love wont hurt if you heard sticks and stones will not break your bones and words don’t hurt, no they kill, yes I promise you words kill

No, when you said you are going to leave, yeah in time my hurt would build upon my resentment and that would get me through, but somehow I know thoughts of you would fall upon me in due time like the leaves.

What took me so long, and with me being the procrastinator I am I tend to wait until its too late,

So I ask you, what took you so long, to realize as our best and worst moments thickened like syrup you choose me in a place where I did not know I had a place.

Ex- A Poem By Me


I never forgot about you never I never forgot, almost a week to go, our very first kiss, how could I forget the moon was as bright as your smile and night was filled with mischief, you stopped I stopped and our eyes locked as if we never seen the opposite sex, I know we don’t talk much now, but I could never never refer to you as my ex I know we don’t talk any more, but I could never call you my ex, the love is still as strong the passion is still as strong the look is still as strong the hurt is still as strong..

The Coffee Shop- A Poem By Me

Simplistic Poetry, Complex Situations

Pilot Zone : The Runway of Music

IMG_20150427_194016The world is cold, and with everything I been through I don’t mind when the temperature is below freezing
I laugh sometimes when you said I would be nothing without you/ but little did you know I was already gone once you were leaving
I love myself now, as you now ask me is this all I got from the relationship
I reply yes, all I ever wanted was love as I walk out the coffee shop the first place we met, Yes I love this coffee shop this is my fucking coffee shop, you don’t even like coffee
You follow quickly as I know this routine all to well/ Am I suppose to cry this time like all the other times, hell; is what you put me through without ever wishing me a well,
Well this time you go to hell, I wish you well.

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