Words from a writer by a words from a writer

IMG_20150427_194016Everything, everything, that was meant to be said, though always not be to heard, is in our words/ We are different than others, many of us, but rare, a private life we strive to, because only the special things that mean true to us, we do not share/ We are cold people, and this may be our best parts, you will never understand us, but if you bare to peek into our memories, somewhere between the pain, you will know love is in our hearts.


In A World Of Pain- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I am in a world of, I am in a world of pain  north, south, east, west

I am in a world of pain, have you ever felt you lost the person of your dreams?

and lately its been hard to patch up forever through the seams, but I guess life is not it seems

I was your king you were my queen is what I saw when I thought of better things

and now your gone and now I am lost and this what I have to say in this song

I am in a world of, I am in world of pain,                                                                         north, south, east, west

The Coffee Shop- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016The world is cold, and with everything I been through I don’t mind when the temperature is below freezing
I laugh sometimes when you said I would be nothing without you/ but little did you know I was already gone once you were leaving
I love myself now, as you now ask me is this all I got from the relationship
I reply yes, all I ever wanted was love as I walk out the coffee shop the first place we met, Yes I love this coffee shop this is my fucking coffee shop, you don’t even like coffee
You follow quickly as I know this routine all to well/ Am I suppose to cry this time like all the other times, hell; is what you put me through without ever wishing me a well,
Well this time you go to hell, I wish you well.

Black & White- A Poem By Me

He said colors were nothing than electromagnetic radiation wavelengths that alter our eyes to see what or what others can not
I responded insecurely was it so much of my deep
past that struck fear into his ability to look past our skin texture
two colors two worlds infinite amount of questions
without confrontation words fell short and in time
even the distance and distant come together
he said now we are like brothers
trust, compassion, loyalty, honesty truth friendship,how could I not want to be alike
never once judged me by what I could not change
soon I let down my guard though…
At some point on that night
that word that fucking word
where did it come from and why this word ..You know the word, that slur, distasteful, vulgar in any way it is stated, but it rolled off his tongue with such ease.
How dare I be called out of my name?
in such way it tore me to pieces
Stripped me of my identity within a fraction of a second then and there
I knew that even stick and stones could could not hurt as much as much
This word injected me with such poison rage and hostility I had never felt
Why who what and where not even I dare not speak
that word that sprung me back….but not way back enough…
100 years years of ancestors, whips, chains, rapes, sheet covered gangs, poverty,
families, women, men, children, young, old, families torn apart as it didn’t matter we were going to be sold, property’s set afire, suicide, slavery, slain, way too many examples but its clear; we were not the same, but don’t let them tell you it was apart of life, no please don’t ever let them fucking tell you it was ever right
I now understood why as I
look around me colors flash back and forth but as I look closer
my world and there world will be always be seen
in black and white