Eminem- The Marshalls Mathers LP 2

ImageRelease Date: November 5, 2013

Rating: 4.5/10

I can remember it like it was yesterday, when Eminem released The Marhshall Mathers LP in the year 2000. Being a fan of rap and hip music since I can remember,there are certain points in my life, where a music album literally defies gravity and transforms itself from a work with ordinary instrumentals with profound first person commentary into a work of a haunting yet, enlightened unforeseen masterpiece. Fast forward thirteen years later, a few flawed albums in between,and a close resemblance of the new album cover art work to the previous LP, it seemed like Mr. Marshall himself wanted to reignite his presence in the music industry. I first heard a few snippets of the album on iTunes and automatically couldn’t connect with any song on the album. While my distaste from the album snippets lingered, many people I talked to had nothing but positive reviews. As I finally listened to the album, I couldn’t help to ask myself were people listening to the same album I was listening to. I would like to point out first that Eminem’s rhyme scheme has changed drastically over the years. Being a huge fan, I am used to Eminem;s word play as constant, filled with hyperbole’s,metaphors and similes. Eminem’s rhyme pattern and overall flow throughout the album is jumpy and at times annoying. His flow pauses as he ends a bar as if he doesn’t know the listener doesn’t know he can make words rhyme. I am really baffled and almost at lost for words to describe how his flow has changed so much for the worst. Content on the album ranged from his depression, self enlightenment, music enlightenment,past experiences, rap ego, and his usual slurs. To add onto that, the instrumentals and guest appearances on the album doesn’t do the album any justice. I would have liked to see close to no guest appearances on the album, which happen to take away it being a continuation of the first Marshall Mathers LP. To add onto that all the songs seemed to be wrongly handpicked, and handled with poor execution on both ends from him and his team. It saddens me to have to give such a negative review to this album and Eminem’s performance, as this will never take away from his music career, but definitely taints it a bit. On a more positive note, Eminem has managed to bounce back from his previous work and he managed to deliver a album to the people. To narrow this review down, I have been a fan of him since his first album and he always will stand to be a pioneer in the music industry ,especially for Caucasian rappers. This is my least favorite album by Eminem and I personally think he should just promote Dre Beats and embrace his reign as a successful rapper in retirement. Songs on the album to listen to are Beautiful Pain, Love Game, Stronger Than I Was, and Rap God.