Shape Or Size- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I see you…yes I see you please do not hide..
the world can be a cruel place to be I know, I know this might not mean much right now, but I cant wait till the day you know its all about whats inside,
See, See, I am usually crowded by many egos but that eye of yours, so much depth that it blanks away my insecurities, what a feeling to live what a feeling to be with no authority, shit so long I been wearing a disguise
I laugh, I smirk, I sometimes tease, but I avoid, that even in the best purchases I am still void, why because even though the perfect image is there, I crave the noise
Who Am I ? Dammit Who Am I ? Once again I told myself I would not cry..Am I shape or size? As I realize.. I am neither because I cant wait till the day I know its about whats inside

Now That Your Gone- A Poem By Me

Now that your gone the heavy sky above cries aloud a sound that haunts me day and night
As I peer calmly out the window pane, thoughts start to pour down as I begin to exhale memories onto the the glass, my fingers press against the glass mistakenly as they begin to synchronize the alphabet and slowly spells out your name
Now that your gone my world and its reasons are hollow
And now that your gone I move alone without your foot prints, and after a days walk I feel someone is behind me as I cant help but to feel sad and smile as I know its your shadow that follows
Now that your gone, a feeling is more than a feeling
A touch is nothing more than a touch
Time is nothing more than time
Enough has never been more than enough
Now that your gone there is no me because there is no us..

Last Kiss- A Poem By Me

Here we are, just me and you
a sudden feeling of day ya vu and our eyes find each other and meet
Just me and you no lights no sound no one is around, simplicity never felt so sweet
shit out hearts are beating so loud for each other conversing there’s so words we do not seek,
Our eyes glitter with hope as the fireworks light up the clouds as a new semester is near, this will our year baby this will be our year…
The world suddenly suddenly stops with anticipation, as we cherish the moment…
We hold back our tears, but the sky cries out for us in form of slight mist, and amongst us carries a light bliss
There’s no looking forward
There’s no looking back
Here we go, here we are
Just me and you
No lights, no sound, no one is around
If my memory shall leave me alone, I will always have our last kiss

When I look into your eyes- A Poem By Me

As I look into your eyes, a courtship begins to start
I hold a feeling I cant describe contemplating your flawless beauty as you captivated my heart
When I peer into your eyes, out a mist sparks speed to fly
though everything I know seeks to hide, I slowly melt inside, my tears alone would make waterfalls cry
Laying in your eyes isn’t enough, but floating in the air by your touch sends even the shortest fuse into an electric rush
As I stare into your eyes, I am set free, but still a prisoner confined
how such love save me and trap me at the same time, I never saw this coming oh how I wish I wish I could have seen the signs, somehow I hold onto this moment, I hold onto your presence and speech as if this was a poets last rhymes
As I am lured into your eyes, I am shadowed by insanity running from the sane
the future has passed me with uncertainty, but cant face the clock forced to believe that time hasn’t changed, they say of what lost, I could have gained
I say all of what I’ve gained could never be replace what I lost like I was staring through a blind mans frames
As I dream into your eyes, standing on top of the highest mountain would be possible, only to know if you were feeling the same, standing on top of the world would be possible only to know if you were feeling the same….