Where Did All My Friends Go??


Where Did All My Friends Go??

Where I ask, as the room is dark and the light dims on my cigarette and reflects on an empty flask.

We all promised forever, our first big mistake our parents assured in spite of being a small sum,

Where did all my friends go I ask? I just hope where ever you are, no matter how fast the years seem to add up to always keep our memories young.

Where did all my friends go? Maybe it is I who hasn’t fully moved on, or maybe this is why I have.

Where did all my friends go? Good things never seem to last, a short smile, and all I can do is laugh.cropped-img_2786.jpg

In A World Of Pain- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I am in a world of, I am in a world of pain  north, south, east, west

I am in a world of pain, have you ever felt you lost the person of your dreams?

and lately its been hard to patch up forever through the seams, but I guess life is not it seems

I was your king you were my queen is what I saw when I thought of better things

and now your gone and now I am lost and this what I have to say in this song

I am in a world of, I am in world of pain,                                                                         north, south, east, west