Purge My Friends- Your Closet That Is


closet-clean-outPurge, purge, purge, my friends.

Today I decided to throw away old clothes that I had purchased in high school. Lets not forget that I am well passed my high school days and graduated college a couple years ago. Well today I purged!! Though it was not easy letting go of old clothes, it needed to be done. No more hanging on to old fashions. No more hanging on to old memories. No more. I can see why people tend to hang on to old clothes. Clothes do retain their value for a person, and that value tends to increase over the years even if those old worn out jeans, or that stained Ralph Lauren polo never get worn again. After my purge was complete I felt instant gratification. Its the ultimate detox for someone who needs a new wardrobe without having to instantly buy new clothes. Purging your closet will also help you try on clothes that may not fit anymore. Yes, I am talking about those five year old pair of jeans you think you can fit in every-time you go to try them on but refuse to because you know they are too small for you. Yep,those pants. Purging also helps you realize there are also other areas in your life which could use some purging also. So indeed, purge away my friends.



The Art of Cutting People Off


Is there an art for cutting off people? Today this thought came to mind as a good friend of mine said something that really put this question to the test. I would go into explanation of what happened, but I am sure everyone has been into a situation with a friend that made them think “why the fuck am I friends with this person”, or “maybe this is not what I signed up for”. None the less cutting off person can be difficult especially if that person has been in your life for some time. There is a reason you kept a person in your life. There is a reason why you kept them around, but there are also reasons why that person can start to be some what of a stress-or than a stress reliever. Of course our friends can cause a bit of stress, but it can be good stress as relationships can be unbalanced at times, but never to the point, where their weight shifts you so far to the ground that you would rather stay there. Simply put the stress becomes somewhat of a constant annoyance.

So what do you do? Do you cut off this person or persons. I mean you should be able to have a mature enough conversation with your friend to resolve a problem or a situation that keeps aching like a toothache, but it seems no matter what type of solvent you apply to it, the discomfort only increases. The only solution is to pull the tooth. Yes! pull the fucking tooth. I guess maybe in my younger days I would like to solve small issues with friends, but aren’t we getting to old for that. Aren’t we and shouldn’t we be understanding enough to know when a friend is pushing us to limit and vice versa?

Its funny because I am a big social media user and I always see memes posted as I have above, about cutting off people and it makes me wonder. I mean as humans we are genetically bonded per to be social creatures. We need that comfort of being around others and having that reassurance that we are wanted, but better yet needed. As a person of New Years resolutions just like the rest of the world is, being more understanding and patient trumps my list every year. Being that is and how hard it can be at times, I feel right now in this very moment, “ why the fuck am I friends with this person, or maybe this not what I signed up for”.

Rethink..College and Is it Worth it…


Rethink..that big idea that you were sold, that institutionalized way of thinking that will leave you at least 40 grand in the hole, shit sometimes worse, Sallie Mae is going to get hers cause shes a ruthless Bitch, shit she don’t care about your job situation as long as that money is credited by the first

Rethink your college decision, bad economy we living, but your teachers and counselors, even your parents may tell you different

You want this big house, you want to know what the world is about,

You want to travel the world, nice family, nice salary even nicer car, they told me all this was possible if I go to college and work real hard

Rethink, interview after interview, shit some employers don’t even want a face to face, instead its easier to judge a book by its cover staring at you through a screen as they scroll through their time line trying not to lose their place

Rethink, fraternities, sororities, thirsty Thursdays, wine Wednesdays with your “new friends”, dorm parties, freedom, a university, a place you can call your second home

Rethink that term “time of your life”, “fuck the costs, college is a experience”

Rethink, is this really what you want, or can you survive just as good as your peers without a degree?, will a piece a paper fulfill your dreams, I sometimes rethink it all because sometimes I wish I would have rethought some things…

Words from a writer by a words from a writer

IMG_20150427_194016Everything, everything, that was meant to be said, though always not be to heard, is in our words/ We are different than others, many of us, but rare, a private life we strive to, because only the special things that mean true to us, we do not share/ We are cold people, and this may be our best parts, you will never understand us, but if you bare to peek into our memories, somewhere between the pain, you will know love is in our hearts.

Never Want A Divorce- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I am young, I am young, but Ive seen the looks
Ive heard the stories, the tears, the desperation, the I want to make this work
Where did the sparks go? Like the day we met god dammit,
Goddamn they were set, too many stories in fact that once started out good, but somewhere in the middle it turned bad real bad

How did it get to that point, they prayed, children they raised, the wedding, the honeymoon, the commitment, and the plans they made, its sad real sad

If you thought they couldn’t talk then, if walls could converse when their around there would be nothing but silence
I guess their love can be now summed up to fancy people dressed up making decisions on who gets what and who goes where,
the situation is bad real bad

You know what its sad, its real sad..I never want a divorce.

The Voices In My Head- A Poem By Me

img_20150427_194016The voices…the voices in my head. The voices in my head have finally won

After they have spoken to you so long their words sound like a sweet symphony woven off the devils tongue

I am not sad please dont be sad all the poetry I’ve wrote could not untangle what I have done

The depressed state comes and goes from season to season I told the happy doctor from our first and only session

I just hope when her time comes flashes of her patients remain as a will of testament as her maker reads out her last confessions

To those who loved me, to those who love me till this day, I guess you were right this wasn’t the way, shit this isn’t the way, but this was my way

Please don’t cry for me, I’d much rather see you doing what I should have been doing which was pray

I love you and please make a way…