Pusha T- My Name Is My Name

Release Date: October 8, 2013Image

Rating: 6.5/10

The long awaited album from the Virginia native, has dropped, and as a fan of Pusha T, I feel like a fat kid at the candy store whenever I can get my hands on real hip-hop and lyricism. I can remember the first time I heard of King Push’s music when he was apart of the rap group duo, “The Clipse” which was formed with his brother. That very song that I heard Pusha on was “Grindin” a song that will forever have its place in hip-hop history. With its basic school cafeteria table drum pattern and Pusha and his brother Malice’s  raw delivery, along with Pharell’s production, it was clear ” The Clipse” were going to make an impact on the rap game. Fast forward years later, and a absence from his brother Malice, Push is signed to Kanye West label “Good Music”. With a series of mixtapes, to bring in this CD, “My Name Is My Name” is sure to bring that pulsating,street melodic, gut wrenching feel that Pusha is known for. I listened to My Name is My Name, and by the end of the album, I felt it was an exceptional effort by Pusha. Lets face it, Pusha will never make music for the radio and fans of his music should never expect that from him. As a Pusha T fan, I was just excited to see that he dropped an album, no matter what the content was, but of course music is art, and art is an imitation of life, and every life will be judged at the end. I felt that Push set out to do what he sought out to do on this album. He proved that he still is a force in the rap game, without succumbing to new industry standards . What I love about Pusha is his delivery on every song and when you hear his voice you know he has something to say, and with a production team like Kanye West, success is always around the corner. If Pusha gets to drop another album, I will in fact expect more growth on the album and maybe a different outlook on the world of drug-dealing,fast money, fast cars, and his stories of his experiences that can transcend into an undisputed 12 track music production. I found an interesting quote by Russ Bengtson of Complex Magazine, who summed up the album by saying “it’s a never-hit-skip album made by a 36-year-old rapper with more hunger than most 15 years his junior”. At first I found this statement be false, but as I listened to the album Pusha’s previous work, and my high hopes for him, I couldn’t agree more with Bengtson. None the less, you can pop this CD into your car and it will get you to your next few destinations. This album also proves Pusha T can make a album after his days of rapping with his brother. Tracks on the album to listen to are Numbers On The Board, Sweet Serenade, 40 Acres, No Regrets, and S.N.I.T.C.H.

Miley Cyrus- Bangerz

ImageRelease Date: October 4, 2013

Rating: 7/10

Over the top,provocative,uncensored,and just plane reckless, can be some of the words to describe Miley Cyrus actions over the past year. I don’t know much about Cyrus,except that she was a featured on the Disney Channel as the fun and loving character Hannah Montana at one point in her life and a few years later she is being named “twerk queen” of 2013. More recently, I discovered that she actually is a music artist who uses her actual voice instead of the robot sounds coming from the auto-tune artist Demi Lavato. Hey, I didn’t say it. Thank to a contestant on the famous show “The X Factor” we all know her secret. But, we aren’t here to elaborate on Lavato. Maybe she will make it in the next review? Moving along, the first song I heard on Cyrus’s album is “Wrecking Ball”. I found myself so intrigued by the song as I heard it on the radio, I had to find out who was singing it. At first I thought it was Jordin Sparks,but I haven’t heard a song from her since her duet with Chris Brown on “No Air”.
I then decided to listen to the whole album and I will say I am very impressed with Cyrus. She has a few ballads on the CD which showcase her vocal skills and a few get ready club (Bangerz). The album has features from rap artist from Future,Nelly,Ludacris,and French Montana. Yes, French Montana. Even I could not even make that up, but all the songs with such rap artist play into Cyrus’s promotion,persona,and pure growth she has gone through in the past years since her Disney Years. I applaud Cyrus in her efforts to be herself and not play into the public appeal. None the less she quiets down all the speculation of her crazy antics with a generally favorable album. Tracks on the album to listen to are Drive, My Darlin, Maybe Your Right, and Adore you.

Lorde-Pure Heroine

ImageRelease Date: September 27, 2013

Rating: 8/10

There can be a lot said about the seventeen year old new music artist from New Zealand, who is making a name for herself in the music industry. With her debut charting album dropping before she turned seventeen, Lorde (Ella Yelich-O’Connor) should be more than confident in her music as she describes in one of her songs “I may be young, but I am coming for the crown”. There are a lot of good things I can say about Lorde and her music, but I what I found most impressive about her, is that she is  genuinely having fun with her music. Yes, this is her first album, and as well she should have fun, but Lorde seems to let her upbringings and life’s experiences take over her music, instead of it being forced. Her witty,young soul and energetic lyrics, backed by strong instrumentation,help uplift her voice through every song. Her music has a mix of art pop,grime,alternative, and even hip hop, which I quickly realized by the pulsating drums, kicks, which be be heard on some of her songs. Oh, and one of her favorite artist is Lana Del Rey which gives her more brownie points. I would also like to point out she isn’t screaming and crying over love ballads like other artist,like Taylor Swift to mention. Don’t get me wrong Swift is a great artist, but how many times is she going to let a faulted relationship determine most of her music.I don’t buy music much, but when I do its for  substantial reasons. Key songs on the album include, Tennis Courts, Glory and Glore, Royals, A World Alone, Still Sane, White Teeth Teens, Team, Buzzcut Season, Ribs, and 400 Lux. Wow! I just named every song on the album. See what I mean.

Wale- The Gifted

ImageRelease Date: June 25,2013



The Gifted is Wale’s third studio album. Now, being that he decided to name his album The Gifted, I was more than curious to see if that name was an appropriate title to sum up the sixteen tracks on the album. For this very reason I love taking the title of the album serious because at the end of the day, it represents the album in its entirety. The title of an album usually sums up all the tracks on a given album, but if the music content doesn’t back up the title, catchy names and references are just other forms of propaganda. As I dived deeper into the album, I couldn’t help but to feel that Wale is a highly underrated MC in the game, something I been saying for a while now. I always liked Wale because he is a lyricist. You can tell that Wale actually puts thought and effort into his words and his music. Wale can maneuver through street-tailed instrumentals all way to songs about relationships and life experiences, which all are subjects in his album. I would like to mention Wale’s mixtapes are also a further proof why he is a contender in the game. As a hip-hop fan, I am glad to see that Rick Ross recognized Wale’s talents and I think Wale is a perfect fit to the MMG label. Now for his artist Stalley? Well lets just stick to Wale and say some songs on the album to listen to are, Simple Man, Bricks, Sunshine, Rotation, and Tired of Dreaming, and Golden Salvation.