Thomas Brown- Tom Yola Instrumentals

His name is Thomas Brown and he is a young talented musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of meeting Brown a few months ago. I passed him in a hallway as I was rapping some lyrics to a song. He then asked me if I rapped and I said yes right of the bat. Brown let me here a few of his beats and right then and there I knew he had something. Let me be clear about this. Brown is young and and still has more to grow with producing music, but he brings a style and hunger that I haven’t seen in many music producers trying to make a name for themselves. His beats are fused with a fast paced bpm, heavy 808 drums and quirky synthesizers that mesh together to make even my grandmother bob her head to one of his instrumentals. His style is heavily influenced by Philly’s popularized trap styled beats often used by many local rappers and noticeably famous rapper Meek Millz.

What Is Trap Music ?

Trap Music? I think over the past decade trap music has transcended itself from how certain instruments and patterns are used to form this type of music to an actual stand alone genre of music. Trap music used to be genre of music only listened to by a wave of people depicted only being from lower class neighborhoods and rebels that stemmed from this environment. There are many rap artist and producers who created this type of music, but I feel one artist in particular may be standing in the forefront of popularizing that trap music sound. His name is Future and his various mix-tapes and features have given Trap Music a new place in the world infiltrating radio systems of the young Caucasian race. I could go on and on about Future and the music he has put out over the past couple of years, but this article is about defining Trap Music itself. I spent a few hours trying to define it untill I found the term on Wikipedia and found it to be the best source at defining Trap Music. I know right Wikipedia, I guess I am back in college trying to finish a paper now. HaHa jk I never used Wikipedia in college. 🙂 Welp Here is the link. Enjoy. By the way go download Futures Mix-tape 56 Nights. You Can find it on for free.Future_56_Nights-front-large

Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly

Kendrick_Lamar_-_To_Pimp_a_ButterflyRelease Date- March 15, 2015

Rating: 6.5/10

Kendrick Kendrick Kendrick Lamar. I don’t think there can be enough said about him. Over the past few years since his first debut album Good Kid Mad City Kendrick has risen to be one of the top mc’s in the game. If this man isn’t on your top favorite rappers right now this moment, then you might want to listen to his music catalog again, again, then again once more. From his first single entitled song off the album “I” “I” knew To Pimp A Butterfly would be a beautifully constructed album that would catch listeners off of guard due to more complex yet conflicted subject matters that appear on the album. Though I may catch a lot of heat from many music listeners after listening to the album I disliked it. I can barely make it through the whole album without asking myself what was Kendrick Lamar thinking. This album is nothing like the first album which is a good thing, but I think this album should have been made for the third album. I think an artist has to have somewhat of a similar album, but more of a growth on the second album especially with the success of Kendricks first project. It seems that Lamar is somewhat torn between the success in the music industry and the world in which he grew up in. As a result this album to seems to preachy and most times doesn’t follow any type of pattern. I will say I do like the themes Kendrick touched on which is included racism, politics, and growing up in poverty which has an effect on its people in the worst environments. See when I listen to Kendrick Lamar I want to feel as though I am riding around Compton at 12:45 am with him sitting shot gun as he freestyles on beats blowing some California home grown kush weed. I didn’t get that type of effect with this album at all. I am fan of hip-hop and that’s what I feel Kendrick is, but not bound to which makes him a versatile artist. I am glad he choose a different path with this album, but I feel like there was something missing on this album that didn’t me bounce my head up and down ( which gives the notion that someone is feeling the music). None the less the production on this album is outstanding. The album blends du-wap, jazz, hip-hop, poetry, and lyricism all in one. Worthy tracks on this album include songs such as For Free, Alright, and Wesley’s Theory.

Taylor Swift-1989


Release Date: October 27, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Taylor Taylor Taylor Swift. Whether she is a knock off country singer or if her music reminds you of a  heartbroken teenage girl it seems the world can not get enough of Miss Taylor. I can even admit I can not get enough of her too and to be quite honest I think Taylor hit a home run with this album. A home run? Yes. Because she needed to hit a home run with this album. I feel like her previous albums were centered around heartbreaks and failed relationships, and everything between. This album on the other hand focuses on her living in the now and growing up living her life just being Taylor Swift. When I listen to 1989 I hear the confidence in her music writing and just the pure love for making music. What I mean is 1989 is a fun exciting album from beginning to end. 1989 is embedded with catchy hooks followed up by heart pounding rhythmic bass driven electronica trance like instruments. The production on this album is superb and Swift’s music writing synced well with this new sound she is working with. I enjoyed every track on 1989 and what a coincidence that is the year I was born. Standout tracks on the album include Wildest Dreams, Blank Space, New Romantics, and All You Had To Do Was Stay.