Rethink..College and Is it Worth it…


Rethink..that big idea that you were sold, that institutionalized way of thinking that will leave you at least 40 grand in the hole, shit sometimes worse, Sallie Mae is going to get hers cause shes a ruthless Bitch, shit she don’t care about your job situation as long as that money is credited by the first

Rethink your college decision, bad economy we living, but your teachers and counselors, even your parents may tell you different

You want this big house, you want to know what the world is about,

You want to travel the world, nice family, nice salary even nicer car, they told me all this was possible if I go to college and work real hard

Rethink, interview after interview, shit some employers don’t even want a face to face, instead its easier to judge a book by its cover staring at you through a screen as they scroll through their time line trying not to lose their place

Rethink, fraternities, sororities, thirsty Thursdays, wine Wednesdays with your “new friends”, dorm parties, freedom, a university, a place you can call your second home

Rethink that term “time of your life”, “fuck the costs, college is a experience”

Rethink, is this really what you want, or can you survive just as good as your peers without a degree?, will a piece a paper fulfill your dreams, I sometimes rethink it all because sometimes I wish I would have rethought some things…

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