In A World Of Pain- A Poem By Me

IMG_20150427_194016I am in a world of, I am in a world of pain  north, south, east, west

I am in a world of pain, have you ever felt you lost the person of your dreams?

and lately its been hard to patch up forever through the seams, but I guess life is not it seems

I was your king you were my queen is what I saw when I thought of better things

and now your gone and now I am lost and this what I have to say in this song

I am in a world of, I am in world of pain,                                                                         north, south, east, west


3 am vent session

Hello well it’s 3 am in the morning and I have nothing really to talk about but I figure I minus well vent for a bit. Please excuse the grammar mistakes and what not. But yeah I may just start incorporating a diary segment in my blog. As I think about it I feel like it would be interesting . Most people and blogs you read about are about a topic or some sort. Yes there’s opinions and more in depth things about the topic and or blogger but i want to read more emotion. There’s something about diving into someone else’s life , a diary is raw uncut emotion I feel my blog and most blogs may be lacking. I would love to here about someone’s day how there feeling what’s going on in there personal life there deepest darkest secrets now that is something to read for ya and I would personally love to read my own diary and see how others may relate shit I may find something in myself I been looking for some sort of inspiration a deeper look Into my own life in the process .. Well signing off love all you bloggers ..

Bank$- Goddess

BanksGoddessCoverRelease Date: September 5, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10
By now I am sure you heard of Bank$. No I am not talking about the rapper Lloyd Banks, most noted for his music works with 50 Cent and Young Buck together forming G-Unit. I am referring to Jillian Rose Banks, 27, singer and songwriter from Orange County, California. I discovered Banks music one night as I was randomly downloading new music, legally of course, and decided to give her debut album Goddess a try because I liked her album cover. Music content of course makes up a significant part of how an artist gains new fans, but having an eye catching album cover will increase any skeptic music lovers chance of giving that artist a listen. Okay. So let me dive into Goddess. Goddess from beginning to end is a beautifully post modern feminist written album that captures raw emotion of a women scared but more so driven by the fact that she is finding herself spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is near impossible to categorize Banks music into any genre or style. Many blogs and album review sites compared her to the late Aaliyah and I couldn’t help but to notice similarities in both there vocals: how their voices seem to fade out on a tracks but quickly pick up with tremendous authority with the help of a strong production. If I could simply categorize Banks music I would say dark R&B which can be said to be somewhat of a newer style of music. Dark R&B uses heavy melancholic synthesizers, and grand-slam bass that would put your favorite batter to shame. More recently this dark R&B style is being used as an artist named FKA Twigs is gaining popularity with this new sound. I feel this one hell of an album for Banks, especially it being her first album. I do feel the album falls short because all of the tracks feel somewhat the same. I am sure with a standout single, possibly a more upbeat track or two would give her next album a bit a variety. With that being said, songs to listen to are “Goddess”, “Brain”, and “Fuck Em Only We Know”.