ImageRelease Date: December 13,2013

Rating: 9/10

From a public relations standpoint,releasing an album with no marketing or promotion prior to the release of a product can be detrimental to the sales and overall awareness from such a strategic move. Beyonce, the Queen of r&b,and quite  possibility other genres of music, has defied those rules by leaving fans and followers of her, dumbfounded when they clicked on the iTunes app and saw 14 newly released songs of hers. Instantly, many forms of social media were being blown up with tweets and messages about B and how she spontaneously dropped a new album with no notice. Some people were even upset that she made this move, but by the end of the album, I am sure those same fans were applauding her efforts. I can admit I recently became a huge fan of Beyonce, every since I listened to her last album, and was eager to hear new music from her. As I dived into the album I realized this was the album Beyonce has been waiting to make. The album definitely was darker in comparison to her previous material. Beyonce explores her feminist side, while transitioning into a sexual deviant at the same time. The album is surely intended for her more mature fans and should be viewed as that by her fans that have been on the odds end with the music. She touches on subjects regarding her family, growing up, insecurities, poised dominance in the industry, and mature life experiences.  Her vocal range on each song along with strong yet carefully picked loosely produced arrangements, give the a album a sense that Miss Carter, wanted a game changer. Every piece on the album has a blend of r&b, hip-hop, retro soul, and punk rock added with heart throbbing base and baselines. To add to the album there are short videos to accommodate each song  which shows her passion, drive, and love for what she does. Beyonce has wisely crafted different genres of music, which enables her to be at the fore front in the music business. To back all that up, the album has sold over a million records in just a week. Yes I said it, a week. Go B with your bad self. Key songs on the album to listen to are XO, Drunk In Love, Pretty Hurts and Haunted.