Tyrese- Black Rose


Release Date: July 10, 2015

Rating: 6.5/10

Tyrese Darnell Gibson as we all have to come to know him as Tyrese, released his sixth solo album entitled Black Rose to everyone’s surprise. I found out he released this album watching a short video clip on Worldstarhip of him promoting his album on a subway train in New York City. After a few short clips of him on the train I couldn’t help but to laugh. My second thought was that him promoting the album in the public eye was a great marketing strategy. My third thought then wanted to know how well this might transition into album sales. Lets face it Tyrese hasn’t put out music in a while. His last album was a collaborative album with Tank and Ginuwine in 2012 which I haven’t heard yet. His album before that called Open Invitation released in 2013 and Alter Ego which he released in 2011 which was a #FAIL. Lets face it, most of all know Tyrese from Fast And furious as he broke away from singing and modeling from his earlier days in his career. So lets go into the album Black Rose. Black Rose is a generic R&B album. There is simply nothing exiting about the album. All of the songs are very slow and don’t seem to catch the ear of the listener, as least my ears. The usual love making and relationship theme occur as they usually do on his genre of music, but this is 2015 and making a generic R&B album will get you nowhere. Now a days R&B music has to be fused with some sort of hip hop based element with a feature from a rap artist. Not to mention both elements have to mash well together. I am not saying it should be like this but music has changed and the traditional I love you, let me rock your world songs wont cut it. The song writing is there but not nearly enough to keep an audience drawn in. I remember songs from Tyrese like Lately, and Sweet Lady that showed the raw emotion. This brings me to my final point. Is it harder for men to make an R&B album then women? I thought of this after listening to the album thinking about all of the R& B albums released by female and male artist in the last few years. This was a great attempt by Tyrese to put forth a decent last album, but I think people are going to remember his marketing strategy more than the songs on the album. None the less stand out tracks on the album include “Without My Heart”, “Body Language”, and “Dumb Shit”.