Pilot Zone- Cuts From My First Mixtape: Just Wingin’ It

Here I am rapping three of my songs from my first mixtape. I recorded this mixtape 3 years ago. I am working on my second mixtape right now. Please let me know what you think.



Release Date: May 26, 2015


Damn. Its been a while since I have done a music album review, but there’s no better way to re-up my reviews by starting with my man A$AP Rocky. I been following Rocky’s career since his first mixtape which happens to be my favorite body of work from him. Fast forward a few years later, a few hits under his belt, and the death of his long time friend/mentor Yams, At.LONG.LAST.A$AP is finally delivered to us. Upon listening to his second album, I began to have mixed reviews. When I listen to an album I tend to listen to the more ear catching tracks then I dive more in the tracks and try to decipher what kind of picture an artist is trying to paint. To be clear this album is nothing like the first. There are no evident stand out radio singles and I think Rocky never intended this body of work to be. This album seems to be somewhat of a psychedelic emotional rock@roll hip hop infused ride through Rocky’s mind. It is much darker than than his first album which is related to his long time friend passing. At times it did seem the album did get a bit slow for me, but is due to the deep dark riffs,heavy undertone,base driven instrumental use. Rocky was never bit of lyricist but he does get into some story telling which I applaud him that. Though the lyrics may not be there I will revert back to the production of the album which I loved because none of the songs seemed rushed and a listener none of the sounds are overly misused. How will this album resonate with his fans is a question to be answered. As I went back and listened to his first album I feel that work was more of the A$AP Rocky I fell in love with. None the less, features on the album include ScHoolboy Q, Future, and Lil Wayne. Standout tracks are Excuse Me, Canal St, and JD.