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Black & White- A Poem By Me

He said colors were nothing than electromagnetic radiation wavelengths that alter our eyes to see what or what others can not
I responded insecurely was it so much of my deep
past that struck fear into his ability to look past our skin texture
two colors two worlds infinite amount of questions
without confrontation words fell short and in time
even the distance and distant come together
he said now we are like brothers
trust, compassion, loyalty, honesty truth friendship,how could I not want to be alike
never once judged me by what I could not change
soon I let down my guard though…
At some point on that night
that word that fucking word
where did it come from and why this word ..You know the word, that slur, distasteful, vulgar in any way it is stated, but it rolled off his tongue with such ease.
How dare I be called out of my name?
in such way it tore me to pieces
Stripped me of my identity within a fraction of a second then and there
I knew that even stick and stones could could not hurt as much as much
This word injected me with such poison rage and hostility I had never felt
Why who what and where not even I dare not speak
that word that sprung me back….but not way back enough…
100 years years of ancestors, whips, chains, rapes, sheet covered gangs, poverty,
families, women, men, children, young, old, families torn apart as it didn’t matter we were going to be sold, property’s set afire, suicide, slavery, slain, way too many examples but its clear; we were not the same, but don’t let them tell you it was apart of life, no please don’t ever let them fucking tell you it was ever right
I now understood why as I
look around me colors flash back and forth but as I look closer
my world and there world will be always be seen
in black and white

Our Generation: A Poem By Me

Our Generation:
Maybe we are not as smart or intelligent as we ought to be
Maybe we are content on just reaching for the sky instead of grabbing for the stars and beyond
Maybe our self obsessed selfies and replicated filters are nothing more than a reassurance that we are in fact actual living breathing beings forgotten by a society who showed us so much promise, but fostered so many lies
Maybe we are a generation with everything to gain, but everything to lose
Maybe we are a generation with nothing but if we are nothing its be, because you gave us nothing, so we party like we have nothing, we mistake like we have nothing, we love like we have nothing
And to those who will never understand are in fact right, nothing we will become
But, umm, please don’t forget, we are a generation.

A Grandmothers Love- Poem By Me

Remember those nights I said I was going to grandmothers house, no care no fucks giving
All I had was my short steps, teddy bear and a short memory of living
Treated well but my grandmother always knew my next move
Either I was in her arms or I was some where sneaking into her room
Next moment grandmother is raising me by the lords choices
Still to this day when my mother passed all I can here is my grandmothers voices
And I know personally we been through some shit
Shit, I even put her through some shit, still she remain by my side through all the shit
Sometimes I look to the constellations and ask that she be made a place in the stars
But as I look away my grandmother appears and I know I don’t need to look far
Sometimes I look to the constellations and ask she made a place in the stars
But as look away a grandmothers love appears and I know I don’t need to look to far.

Tyrese- Black Rose


Release Date: July 10, 2015

Rating: 6.5/10

Tyrese Darnell Gibson as we all have to come to know him as Tyrese, released his sixth solo album entitled Black Rose to everyone’s surprise. I found out he released this album watching a short video clip on Worldstarhip of him promoting his album on a subway train in New York City. After a few short clips of him on the train I couldn’t help but to laugh. My second thought was that him promoting the album in the public eye was a great marketing strategy. My third thought then wanted to know how well this might transition into album sales. Lets face it Tyrese hasn’t put out music in a while. His last album was a collaborative album with Tank and Ginuwine in 2012 which I haven’t heard yet. His album before that called Open Invitation released in 2013 and Alter Ego which he released in 2011 which was a #FAIL. Lets face it, most of all know Tyrese from Fast And furious as he broke away from singing and modeling from his earlier days in his career. So lets go into the album Black Rose. Black Rose is a generic R&B album. There is simply nothing exiting about the album. All of the songs are very slow and don’t seem to catch the ear of the listener, as least my ears. The usual love making and relationship theme occur as they usually do on his genre of music, but this is 2015 and making a generic R&B album will get you nowhere. Now a days R&B music has to be fused with some sort of hip hop based element with a feature from a rap artist. Not to mention both elements have to mash well together. I am not saying it should be like this but music has changed and the traditional I love you, let me rock your world songs wont cut it. The song writing is there but not nearly enough to keep an audience drawn in. I remember songs from Tyrese like Lately, and Sweet Lady that showed the raw emotion. This brings me to my final point. Is it harder for men to make an R&B album then women? I thought of this after listening to the album thinking about all of the R& B albums released by female and male artist in the last few years. This was a great attempt by Tyrese to put forth a decent last album, but I think people are going to remember his marketing strategy more than the songs on the album. None the less stand out tracks on the album include “Without My Heart”, “Body Language”, and “Dumb Shit”.

Feel Free To Contact Me At Any Time During The Day- Poem By Me

Feel free to contact me at any time during the day. You made it. You are now accepted to join the workforce amongst hard working professionals. Aren’t you proud of your accomplishment? What’s wrong? You don’t seem happy…. All those long nights. Ohh those fucking nights. 15 page paper due at 8.am and I am only page 2 and it’s now 12 a.m. Why did I procrastinate? Why did I wait till the last minute. I am such a fucking idiot. Why did I take so many credits. My professors told me I couldn’t handle it. I have to graduate or my life is over. FUCK Fuck Fuck. 2 cans of RedBull. No maybe 2 shots of Southern Comfort should get the juices flowing. 2 hits of blow should work. I am crying. Relax. No relax. Get a hold of yourself. You can do this. College will not determine the rest of my life. You made it. You are now accepted to join the workforce amongst hard working professionals. Aren’t you proud of your accomplishment.  What’s wrong? You don’t seem happy. Feel free to contact me at any time during the day.