Purge My Friends- Your Closet That Is


closet-clean-outPurge, purge, purge, my friends.

Today I decided to throw away old clothes that I had purchased in high school. Lets not forget that I am well passed my high school days and graduated college a couple years ago. Well today I purged!! Though it was not easy letting go of old clothes, it needed to be done. No more hanging on to old fashions. No more hanging on to old memories. No more. I can see why people tend to hang on to old clothes. Clothes do retain their value for a person, and that value tends to increase over the years even if those old worn out jeans, or that stained Ralph Lauren polo never get worn again. After my purge was complete I felt instant gratification. Its the ultimate detox for someone who needs a new wardrobe without having to instantly buy new clothes. Purging your closet will also help you try on clothes that may not fit anymore. Yes, I am talking about those five year old pair of jeans you think you can fit in every-time you go to try them on but refuse to because you know they are too small for you. Yep,those pants. Purging also helps you realize there are also other areas in your life which could use some purging also. So indeed, purge away my friends.


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