Now That Your Gone- A Poem By Me

Pilot Zone : The Runway of Music

Now that your gone the heavy sky above cries aloud a sound that haunts me day and night
As I peer calmly out the window pane, thoughts start to pour down as I begin to exhale memories onto the the glass, my fingers press against the glass mistakenly as they begin to synchronize the alphabet and slowly spells out your name
Now that your gone my world and its reasons are hollow
And now that your gone I move alone without your foot prints, and after a days walk I feel someone is behind me as I cant help but to feel sad and smile as I know its your shadow that follows
Now that your gone, a feeling is more than a feeling
A touch is nothing more than a touch
Time is nothing more than time
Enough has never been more than enough
Now that your gone thereā€¦

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