The Voices In My Head- A Poem By Me

img_20150427_194016The voices…the voices in my head. The voices in my head have finally won

After they have spoken to you so long their words sound like a sweet symphony woven off the devils tongue

I am not sad please dont be sad all the poetry I’ve wrote could not untangle what I have done

The depressed state comes and goes from season to season I told the happy doctor from our first and only session

I just hope when her time comes flashes of her patients remain as a will of testament as her maker reads out her last confessions

To those who loved me, to those who love me till this day, I guess you were right this wasn’t the way, shit this isn’t the way, but this was my way

Please don’t cry for me, I’d much rather see you doing what I should have been doing which was pray

I love you and please make a way…

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