Imagine- A Poem By Me


Closing your eyes and no longer being there,
Neither having space nor time
I have danced to the heart beats of many souls before
But no one has given me much reason to stay moving
to the rhythm and rhyme, like I get from you and I
Every move, every step, every pace is you
Every trail, every path that I try to lead there is a trace of you
Even when I cant find myself there is a place for you
I am deep In
To even think of myself or decide whether this will be the death of me
Or will that be the life in me
Somehow they both give me balance
It’s a scary feeling I know,
How another human being could have such an effect on another being
To be completely filled and to be completely emptied
And by that you consume every part of me
And consumed I am
And this is my consumption

8 thoughts on “Imagine- A Poem By Me

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ lately I been really inspired to write so hopefully I can keep it up lol. I have a few more I will be posting in the next couple of days.

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