Taylor Swift-1989


Release Date: October 27, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Taylor Taylor Taylor Swift. Whether she is a knock off country singer or if her music reminds you of a  heartbroken teenage girl it seems the world can not get enough of Miss Taylor. I can even admit I can not get enough of her too and to be quite honest I think Taylor hit a home run with this album. A home run? Yes. Because she needed to hit a home run with this album. I feel like her previous albums were centered around heartbreaks and failed relationships, and everything between. This album on the other hand focuses on her living in the now and growing up living her life just being Taylor Swift. When I listen to 1989 I hear the confidence in her music writing and just the pure love for making music. What I mean is 1989 is a fun exciting album from beginning to end. 1989 is embedded with catchy hooks followed up by heart pounding rhythmic bass driven electronica trance like instruments. The production on this album is superb and Swift’s music writing synced well with this new sound she is working with. I enjoyed every track on 1989 and what a coincidence that is the year I was born. Standout tracks on the album include Wildest Dreams, Blank Space, New Romantics, and All You Had To Do Was Stay.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift-1989

  1. I adore Taylor. She is so innocent in so many ways, and no matter how much she gets burned, she just writes a new album, cuddles her kittens, and starts over again completely open and eager and fresh. And her songs are so damn catchy and good with just enough wisdom to make me feel okay with being 39 and listening to a soundtrack my 17 year old feels too cool to listen to.

    I love that.

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