Pusha T- My Name Is My Name

Release Date: October 8, 2013Image

Rating: 6.5/10

The long awaited album from the Virginia native, has dropped, and as a fan of Pusha T, I feel like a fat kid at the candy store whenever I can get my hands on real hip-hop and lyricism. I can remember the first time I heard of King Push’s music when he was apart of the rap group duo, “The Clipse” which was formed with his brother. That very song that I heard Pusha on was “Grindin” a song that will forever have its place in hip-hop history. With its basic school cafeteria table drum pattern and Pusha and his brother Malice’s  raw delivery, along with Pharell’s production, it was clear ” The Clipse” were going to make an impact on the rap game. Fast forward years later, and a absence from his brother Malice, Push is signed to Kanye West label “Good Music”. With a series of mixtapes, to bring in this CD, “My Name Is My Name” is sure to bring that pulsating,street melodic, gut wrenching feel that Pusha is known for. I listened to My Name is My Name, and by the end of the album, I felt it was an exceptional effort by Pusha. Lets face it, Pusha will never make music for the radio and fans of his music should never expect that from him. As a Pusha T fan, I was just excited to see that he dropped an album, no matter what the content was, but of course music is art, and art is an imitation of life, and every life will be judged at the end. I felt that Push set out to do what he sought out to do on this album. He proved that he still is a force in the rap game, without succumbing to new industry standards . What I love about Pusha is his delivery on every song and when you hear his voice you know he has something to say, and with a production team like Kanye West, success is always around the corner. If Pusha gets to drop another album, I will in fact expect more growth on the album and maybe a different outlook on the world of drug-dealing,fast money, fast cars, and his stories of his experiences that can transcend into an undisputed 12 track music production. I found an interesting quote by Russ Bengtson of Complex Magazine, who summed up the album by saying “it’s a never-hit-skip album made by a 36-year-old rapper with more hunger than most 15 years his junior”. At first I found this statement be false, but as I listened to the album Pusha’s previous work, and my high hopes for him, I couldn’t agree more with Bengtson. None the less, you can pop this CD into your car and it will get you to your next few destinations. This album also proves Pusha T can make a album after his days of rapping with his brother. Tracks on the album to listen to are Numbers On The Board, Sweet Serenade, 40 Acres, No Regrets, and S.N.I.T.C.H.

2 thoughts on “Pusha T- My Name Is My Name

    1. Yeah I could def see how you would put this in your album of the year award.. I am a Rick Ross fan and I am waiting on him to come with his and I am sure you know of Yo Gotti and of course we have he album was good also another contender Drake which I am not the biggest fan of but why did u say you were a completely biased Pusha T fan?


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