Wale- The Gifted

ImageRelease Date: June 25,2013



The Gifted is Wale’s third studio album. Now, being that he decided to name his album The Gifted, I was more than curious to see if that name was an appropriate title to sum up the sixteen tracks on the album. For this very reason I love taking the title of the album serious because at the end of the day, it represents the album in its entirety. The title of an album usually sums up all the tracks on a given album, but if the music content doesn’t back up the title, catchy names and references are just other forms of propaganda. As I dived deeper into the album, I couldn’t help but to feel that Wale is a highly underrated MC in the game, something I been saying for a while now. I always liked Wale because he is a lyricist. You can tell that Wale actually puts thought and effort into his words and his music. Wale can maneuver through street-tailed instrumentals all way to songs about relationships and life experiences, which all are subjects in his album. I would like to mention Wale’s mixtapes are also a further proof why he is a contender in the game. As a hip-hop fan, I am glad to see that Rick Ross recognized Wale’s talents and I think Wale is a perfect fit to the MMG label. Now for his artist Stalley? Well lets just stick to Wale and say some songs on the album to listen to are, Simple Man, Bricks, Sunshine, Rotation, and Tired of Dreaming, and Golden Salvation.

2 thoughts on “Wale- The Gifted

    1. First off I begin by saying lmao. Secondly I def enjoyed piece written about Wale and I feel the same way. This is probably something I would have wrote about the Kendrick Lamar album, because I am not in favor for his new album. Follow me on ig at pilotzonepr.


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