ImageRelease Date: June 18, 2013

Rating: 6.5/10

Kanye West seems to amaze us once again in his 6th studio album Yeezus, with production from Rick Rubin and many collaborations from various artist that include Frank Ocean, Chief Keef, and Charlie Wilson. This album contains different genres of music, which many hardcore hip hop fan may not relate to. Lets face it, Kanye loves to separate himself from the typical rapper. He references about how the black people are becoming slave to material things in his single “new slaves” and even said he’s God in “I am God” in the literal sense. Not to mention, Kanye’s egocentric personality, public outbursts and charades may throw fans off and ultimately can effect how consumers of his music take in Kanye’s new reach on different subjects.  When listening to it to the first time it did not impress me but the album seems to grow on you. The production for  this album is great, to the credit of Rick Rubin, who also produced Eminem’s upcoming album. It is clear that Ye is trying to send a message, but fans may be stuck at the end of song asking themselves what does Kanye mean, or worse how should I feel? With that being said this is a decent album , not a masterpiece but “good music” like his label implies. Key songs on the album are blood on the leaves, I am a god, new slaves, and guilt trip.

2 thoughts on “KANYE WEST- YEEZUS

    1. i know it saddens me that i had to to give the album a low rating kanye is a innovator and trendsetter in hip hop indeed the music was a work of art the instrumentals were on point as always but he failed the album lacked in lyrical content something he isnt known for and the album failed to make a connection a with the people


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