ImageRelease Date: October 22,2013

Rating- 7/10

Now a days DJ’s are becoming more and more of an influence to the perfect hype music. The type of music where you just cant help but bounce your head with beats that you cant wait to drop. Well, DJ Khaled ,in his 7th studio album “Suffer from Success” did just that. He has some of the hottest rappers in the game on his beats including Meek MIll, Ace Hood, Lil Wayne, Future, J. Cole, Drake, and the list goes on. You wont be disappointed with the appearances on this album. He also has a upcoming underground rapper and his very own artist, Vado, appearing on the album. The album starts with the biggest shout out anybody can have especially a DJ, which is President Obama.Like most of his recent albums he has a lot of street anthems that include “I Feel Like Pac, I feel like Biggie”, “You Don’t Want These Problems” but  DJ Khalad didn’t forget about his females fans with the songs like “I wanna be with you” ft NIkki Minaj and “Give It All To ME” ft Mavado. Over all, this album has a good balance between club bangers, street anthems, and for the ladies songs. Great album for late night riding or getting ready to hit the clubs.

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