Release Date: July 4 & 8 2013

Rating: 6/10

What can there be not said about the New York Native, turned hip hop-mogul, turned fashion designer, turned sports agent, turned into whatever your dreams may not be able to conceive in the 8 hours of your beauty sleep. Sean Carter is his name, but we all know him as Jay-z. Jay presents Magna Carta Holy Grail, his 12th album to the masses. With a title like that it would seem that the lord himself would take sometime away from his busy schedule to bestow himself upon us on the release date of the album,but he would have to make two visits and would have to be a fan of android devices since it was released by Samsung first. Magna Carta Holy Grail delivers but to whom. To the avid listener of music, this album deserves a 6/10. The album is filled with references to Moroccan estates, five star dinning, cars that well exceed the price tag of a house in the Hamptons, and his overall success,many subjects his followers cant relate to, but love to ride out to  anyway. Not to mention there are the references to his drug dealing past.  The real question should be: Has success ruined Jay-Z in in reference to his music talent? This album will not certainty meet the standards of his past roots. It seems to me Jay-z is only making music because he can and with his popularity, why not? Not to mention the album doesn’t sound finished on a couple of less than 1 minute songs, but he said in the commercial, the point is to make an album and put it out. Cant blame him. He did just that. Features by Beyonce, Frank Ocean, and Justin Timerlake actually save the album from a crash and burn.The few songs you may want to listen to are Part two, Oceans, and Heaven, and La Familia. To sum this up, take a reformed street hustler, give him 500 million dollars ,plus a record label and all the trimmings, add some beats from a few super producers, and there you have it MAGNA CARTA HOLY GRAIL.

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