Drake: Nothing was the same

ImageRelease Date:September 24,2013


Nothing was the same, as the Canadian rapper calls his new his album. It is Drakes third album release under the YMCB label. I will admit I never was the biggest Drake fan, but If Charlie Sheen can get as many chances as he wants, why cant Drake? His first single off the album started from the bottom was a success and spawned many party entrances,Insta gram pictures, and spoofs. Drakes sound is similar to his previous albums with singing on songs like Hold On We’re going home, but I will say that I am impressed with this album. The Canadian MC knows how to put together an album and his success should be noted by the arrangements throughout each song. There are many talented lyricist and musicians, undiscovered and discovered in the genre of hip-hop and rap, but only a handful can continually thrive , flourish, and paint a vivid picture with words one album after the next. Drake has found his niche, which is making “ridin music” as he says an interview. Ridin music, the type of music you play when your having relationship problems, or when your over that same relationship and you and the best friends are headed to the club and Greygoose is the drink for the night. Riding music, the type of music you play in the car when when you had a long day at work because your boss wouldn’t stop complaining about how bad the store looked when top executives made a unannounced visit. If this is the type of music he creates, then Drake has certainly found his niche and has pen pointed it. None the less, you can tell there is growth, both in his music and in his personal life. Drake shines on songs like Too Much, The Language, Tuscan Leather, Pound Cake, Own It, and From Time.

2 thoughts on “Drake: Nothing was the same

  1. Yo drizzy drake album was the best ever he did rap n r n b at the same dam time. You dont have to like him but you have to respect him. He is a very rare bread


  2. I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a Drake fan. Actually, I definitely wouldn’t consider myself to be a Drake fan. I didn’t buy the album, or listen to it more than once. However, I agree with your rating. I would give it something around a 7.5 too, but only because of the production aspect of the project.


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